Skin + Bone

April 28 - May 24

Gino Belassen, Ilaria Bochicchio, Bo Bosk,
Matthew Floriani, and THEOHUXXX



In de Plume’s spring group show, Skin and Bone, we examine the human figure --  both structure and flesh. Each featured artist employs distinct style and media to examine the human form and its intricacies of being in physical space.

Gino Belassen creates minimalist portraits using a process that he refers to as ‘subtle / sound.’ Deceptive in their simplicity, his paintings convey depths of meaning through words, symbols, and abstract imagery, with an aesthetic  that reflects the artist’s background in design.

Ilaria Bochicchio examines the essence of anatomy by layering color to depict human forms. Her tightly cropped compositions set against solid backgrounds resemble cuts of meat in a butcher shop, immersed in solitude.

Bo Bosk’s oils interpret Old Master portraiture through a contemporary lens. He presents his subjects with an otherworldly calm; the bare edges of each canvas command focus on the textures and angles of each face.

Although Matthew Floriani calls his ink-on-paper illustrations ‘empty skulls,’ each presents a dense collage that evokes a childhood bedspread or the tablecloth at a family meal. By shielding raw bone with the patterns of home, the artist demands questions of vulnerability: what can be protected? what must be exposed?

THEOHUXXX, also know as Phil Anderson Blythe, paints the imperfect beauty of the human body using a combination of watercolor and acrylic. Blending colorful imagination with stoic realism, his figures celebrate life while never forgetting that -- in the words of the artist -- “all of us end up in a hole in the ground."