Ammon Rost

Jackson, 2017

Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal on Canvas
50 x 50 in.
Signed on the back

This unique acrylic and oil on canvas painting by Ammon Rost is signed by the artist on the back. It comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity from de Plume.

Using an improvisational method, Ammon Rost’s abstract works open a portal to the subconscious and broadcast the hidden self onto canvas. By creating each composition in the moment, Rost allows his paintings take on a life of their own. This practice, Rost says, “seeks the manifestation of a fragment of the unconscious world.” Contrast between raw brush strokes and careful lines conveys an elusive spirituality; the language of his bold forms and colors gives voice to primal emotion. Rost lives and works in Los Angeles.

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