Harlequin Costume

Harlequin Costume


Zack Marshall
Harlequin Costume, 2017

OIl, Charcoal on Canvas
24 x 16 in (diptych)
Signed on the back

"Harlequin Costume" by Zack Marshall is a unique oil on canvas painting signed by the artist on the back. It is a diptych and composed of two panels. It comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity from de Plume.

Zack Marshall’s original work deals with style and genre in painting; appropriating aesthetics from several art historical periods in order to articulate his own experiences in a way that gives his banal reflections assured meaning. The images painted are sourced primarily from the artist’s personal photography, along with images from the internet that stand-in for lack of documentation for a particular moment or a yearning for an experience that may never come to fruition. Decorative motifs, often taking the form of pared down graphic representations of architectural molding, are used to convey the notion of domestic interiors. It is in these spaces that the action of these memories tend to take place. Zack Marshall received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. Born in Bermuda, he lives and works in New York City.

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Selected Exhibitions
2017, Golem (Solo Exhibition), 15 Orient, Brooklyn, New York
2016, Puppet Show, 15 Orient Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2016, American Splendor, Head Too Heavy Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2016, Huttendasein, 15 Orient Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2015, 4+4=1, Masterworks Faries Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
2015, Early Years (Solo Exhibition), October Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
2015, Charman Prize Award Exhibition, Masterworks Gallery, Hamilton, Bermuda
2015, Strangers forming a group waiting to kiss, Motel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2015, MX EXPO, MX Gallery, New York, NY
2015, The Gallery at Canopius Exhibition, The Gallery at Canopius, Hamilton, Bermuda
2013, The Duck Show, JLA, Providence, RI
2013, The Height of Silliness, Memorial Hall Gallery, Providence, RI
2017, "The Intro", de Plume (Los Angeles, CA)
2016, "Lightning in a Paintcan", Do Art; Lightning in a Bottle (Bradley, CA) 
2016, "Cannibal Flower - 15 Year Anniversary", The Art Church (Los Angeles, CA)
2015, "Cannibal Flower", Garage Gallery LA (Los Angeles, CA) 
2015, Roam Creative (Topanga, CA) 
2015, "SF Summer Solstice Gathering", The Factory: 525 Harrison St. (San Francisco, CA) 
2014, "Cannibal Flower", Astroetic Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
2014, "UCSB Colloquium", University of Santa Barbara California (Santa Barbara, CA)
2013, "Appetite for Construction", University of Santa Barbara California (Santa Barbara, CA)