John Hudson

March 9 - March 30


John Hudson’s first solo exhibition creates tension between tranquility, disruption, uncertainty, and finally resolve in his multi-layered paintings and collages. He employs various narratives and metaphors to connect his ideas, while at the same time leaving an element of mystery and discovery. His quest is to attain balance.

Hudson’s life experiences serve as a metaphor for the painting process itself--an abstract landscape of interior thought and self-discovery. This can come in various forms within the painting--fusing found objects, words, and photography to build these narratives.

John Hudson, a Los Angeles based painter, grew up around influential New York artists and was introduced to the art world at a young age.  While pursuing a degree in art, he had the privilege to work as an assistant to several significant artists. During this time he gained a great deal of knowledge of different media, techniques, and creative processes, while at the same time finding his passion to express himself through the process of making art.

Hudson's path out of art school led him to tackle art direction for ad agencies and television networks within the fine art esthetics he embraces. As a successful art director and the creative director for a major television network, Hudson was awarded five Emmy’s and numerous design awards. During those years he continued working on his paintings and personal creative projects never losing sight of his desire to dedicate himself to working full-time as a painter as he has accomplished doing so this past year.

Available Works