ANGELYNE - An Art Exhibition
6:00 PM18:00

ANGELYNE - An Art Exhibition

ANGELYNE - Public Appearance and Exhibition Opening at de Plume

de Plume Gallery, 5564 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles 90028

July 7 – July 20, 2018

Opening Reception:  Saturday, July 7, 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Ever since her iconic billboards first appeared high above the streets of Hollywood, Angelyne has been Los Angeles’ larger-than-life fantasy girl. Although instantly recognizable, Angelyne has remained deeply unknowable behind the tinted windows of her hot pink Corvette.

This summer, de Plume Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by Angelyne that pull back this curtain and reveal her life beyond the public eye. The entire gallery space will be transformed into a representation of Angelyne’s private life, offering visitors an intimate experience with a true Hollywood icon.

Moreover, the artist herself will be in attendance for the opening reception on July 7, with her Corvette parked out front. This is a unique opportunity to meet Angelyne and get up close and personal with her body of work.

The show runs for two weeks, through July 20. Original paintings, giclee prints, signed photographs and Angelyne memorabilia will be offered for sale.

Tickets: $10

Angelyne - An Art Exhibition

Saturday, July 7, 6:00 – 10:00 pm

Live appearance by Angelyne

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La Vita Gold x The Arts Showcase LA Edition
to Jun 22

La Vita Gold x The Arts Showcase LA Edition

Start the summer with art and music at de Plume

In collaboration with La Vita Gold

Sounds by: @alcheekz_ftw

Sponsored by Deep Eddy Vodka

Tickets $10

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Skin and Bone Opening
6:00 PM18:00

Skin and Bone Opening

Featuring Gino Belassen, Ilaria Bochicchio, Bo Bosk, Matthew Floriani, and THEOHUXXX

In de Plume’s spring group show, Skin and Bone, we examine the human figure -- both structure and flesh. Each featured artist employs distinct style and media to examine the human form and its intricacies of being in physical space.

THEOHUXXX, also know as Phil Anderson Blythe, paints the imperfect beauty of the human body using a combination of watercolor and acrylic. Blending colorful imagination with stoic realism, his figures celebrate life while never forgetting that -- in the words of the artist -- “all of us end up in a hole in the ground.”

Gino Belassen creates minimalist portraits using a process that he refers to as “subtle / sound.” Deceptive in their simplicity, his paintings convey depths of meaning through words, symbols, and abstract imagery, with an aesthetic that reflects the artist’s background in design.

Matthew Floriani’s ink-on-paper illustrations distill the essence of the skull, then cover it with a drawn collage that evokes a childhood bedspread or the tablecloth at a family meal. Shielding raw bone with the patterns of home demands questions of vulnerability: what can be protected? what must be exposed?

Ilaria Bochicchio interrogates the essence of anatomy by layering pure colors to depict human forms. Her tightly cropped compositions set against solid backgrounds resemble cuts of meat in a butcher shop, immersed in solitude.

Bo Bosk’s oils interpret Old Master portraiture through a contemporary lens. He presents his subjects with an otherworldly calm; the bare edges of each canvas command focus on the textures and angles of each face.

Skin and Bone opens April 28, 2018 and runs until May 24 at de Plume Gallery in East Hollywood.

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Balanced Delirium
6:00 PM18:00

Balanced Delirium

Psychotic and chaotic, yet sane and strategic--the new body of work by artist Christopher Weeden, better known as “Smurfo Udirty,” will be unveiled in Los Angeles this March.  The title of the exhibition, Balanced Delirium, comes from the process of how Smurfo created these new works.  He takes pride in never planning what he is going to do next on canvas.  He begins sporadically--splashing background colors for hours, and then slowly and deliberately adding shapes and composition. 

In his recent work, there are many dimensions of style and depth, blooming with levels of contrasting colors and structures.  He dives into a contemporary style that marks a change from his usual aesthetic while keeping his underlying tone with a mix of traditional graffiti, surrealism, and color blending.  His new paintings are his dreams and thoughts in physical form, translated by his hand.

Balanced Delirium is Smurfo Udirty’s solo exhibition in Los Angeles.  His paintings and drawings burst with an irreverent energy resulting from the deliberate synthesis of psychotic inspiration and strategic execution.  Fusing street art and graffiti with contemporary painting techniques, his work is undeniable and unmistakable.  The self-described “steady-handed hooligan” is also an accomplished illustrator and draftsman, producing works in pen and ink that target the depraved underbelly of popular icons and institutions.  Born Christopher Weeden, Smurfo lives and works in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.

Balanced Delirium opens March 24, 2018, and runs until April 21 at de Plume Gallery.  Recent exhibitions include SHADE and Gateway to the Moon 3.0, described by Los Angeles Magazine as “a dizzying display of geometry.”

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Gateway To The Moon 3.0
6:00 PM18:00

Gateway To The Moon 3.0

Immersive Installation by Gazoo ToTheMoon

Opening reception Saturday, January 20 | 6 pm - 10 pm | RSVP

Befitting a year that rings in under a full moon, the first West Coast installation by New York rising star Gazoo ToTheMoon opens at East Hollywood’s de Plume Gallery in January 2018.

In the vein of Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors at The Broad, Gazoo’s “Gateway to the Moon” installation will transport visitors into a 360° retro-future dimension created from tape, lighting, and sound. The sold-out successes of Infinity Mirrors, 29 Rooms by Refinery29, and DTLA’s Happy Place demonstrate the tremendous appetite of the LA arts community and the public at large for large-scale installation art.

Gazoo is an installation artist, painter, and designer whose work has been featured nationally. He exploded onto the New York art scene in 2012 with his trademark To The Moon ^ tag since appearing on streets and gallery walls from Brooklyn to Miami to Los Angeles. In 2017, his work was commissioned by Complex Con, Facebook, and Steve Aoki. Raised on the Antillean island of Montserrat, he lives and works primarily in New York.

“Gateway to the Moon” opens January 20, 2018 and will run until February 10 at de Plume Gallery in East Hollywood. de Plume opened in November 2017 with a group exhibition, “The Intro,” showing international emerging talent. “Gateway To The Moon” is de Plume’s first solo exhibition.

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The Intro Opening Reception
6:00 PM18:00

The Intro Opening Reception

de Plume: The Intro

A group exhibition and gallery grand opening showing artists from New York and Los Angeles

Selected works by:

  • Cassandra Brown
  • Kieva Campbell
  • ClockWork Cros
  • Gazo ToTheMoon
  • Lola Jiblazee
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Zack Marshall
  • Andrew Munoz
  • Ammon Rost
  • Eddy Segal
  • Smurfo
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