Balanced Delirium

March 24 - April 19

de Plume presents new work by Smurfo Udirty


Psychotic and chaotic, yet sane and strategic--the new body of work by artist Christopher Weeden, better known as “Smurfo Udirty,” will be unveiled in Los Angeles this March.  The title of the exhibition, Balanced Delirium, comes from the process of how Smurfo created these new works.  He takes pride in never planning what he is going to do next on canvas.  He begins sporadically--splashing background colors for hours, and then slowly and deliberately adding shapes and composition. 

In his recent work, there are many dimensions of style and depth, blooming with levels of contrasting colors and structures.  He dives into a contemporary style that marks a change from his usual aesthetic while keeping his underlying tone with a mix of traditional graffiti, surrealism, and color blending.  His new paintings are his dreams and thoughts in physical form, translated by his hand.

Balanced Delirium is the first Los Angeles solo exhibition by Smurfo Udirty.  His paintings and drawings burst with an irreverent energy resulting from the deliberate synthesis of psychotic inspiration and strategic execution.  Fusing street art and graffiti with contemporary painting techniques, his work is undeniable and unmistakable.  The self-described “steady-handed hooligan” is also an accomplished illustrator and draftsman, producing works in pen and ink that target the depraved underbelly of popular icons and institutions.  Born Christopher Weeden, Smurfo lives and works in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York.